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StealthGenie Gold for iPhone

This is the iPhone spy app we have all been waiting for.

StealthGenie Gold for iPhone has a wide range of features not seen before in a single iPhone spy app.

The basic iPhone spy app features are of course all present:

  • Access the call history
  • Read all incoming and outgoing SMS messages
  • View all contacts on the iPhone
  • View the Internet browsing history
  • See the current location of the iPhone
  • See historical location data (where the iPhone has been)
  • The application is 100% undetectable
  • Get upgrades and updates to the application

But – and this is where it gets interesting – StealthGenie Gold for the iPhone also has the following unique features:

  • Surround recording – record all sounds within approximately 15 feet of the iPhone.
  • Live phone surroundings – listen to all sounds within approximately 15 feet of the iPhone.
  • Email messages – read all messages to/from the iPhone’s primary email account.
  • GMAIL messages – read all messages sent to/from a Gmail account on the iPhone.
  • View photos – view photos taken by the phone.
  • View videos – view videos taken by the phone.
  • Backup and delete all sensitive data.
  • SIM change notification.
  • Alerts (SMS/Email) on all calls and/or SMS messages.
  • Geofencing – this extremely powerful and unique feature allows you to specify an area (e.g. downtown) and if the phone leaves that area you are notified immediately.
  • Prohibited locations – this extremely powerful and unique feature allows you to specify a location (e.g. someone’s house) and if the phone enters that location you are notified immediately.

And the price? Starts from a remarkably low $13 per month!

So don’t delay – BUY NOW!

StealthGenie – a new iPhone Spy App

StealthGenie helps keep your child safe!

The new StealthGenie iPhone Spy App can help keep your child safe

There is an exciting new iPhone Spy App: StealthGenie.

StealthGenie is an iPhone spy app that has all the standard features of an iPhone spy app, and also has some amazing features that make it unique.

A list of the features includes:

  • Log all calls – name/number of the call, as well as the timestamp and call duration
  • Log all SMS messages – record and save all sent/received SMS messages
  • Track the target phone’s location – use the GPS sensor in the iPhone to record its location
  • Read all emails – read all sent/received emails
  • Log web browsing history – see all web pages viewed on the iPhone’s browser
  • Media: view all photos and videos on the phone
  • Many more features!
For a complete list of features, check out the StealthGenie website.

This amazing software is also surprisingly well-priced!

For THREE MONTHS pay only $59.99

For SIX MONTHS pay only $79.99

For a FULL YEAR pay an amazing $99.99!

StealthGenie tracks a phone's location

Use StealthGenie to track a phone's location





So don’t delay BUY NOW!!

Spyera Multimedia now Compatible with iPhone 4S and iPad 2

Great news! The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 can now have Spyera SPYPhone Multimedia Edition or Spyera SPYPhone Basic Edition installed on them!

The iPhone 4S has been a runaway success, and there are now millions of these devices in use around the world. But there can be problems when a new device enters the market, especially when talking about an iPhone spy app. New hardware and new iOS versions can bring with them compatibility issues.

Until very recently, it was not possible to install an iPhone spy app on an iPhone 4S, or an iPad 2. One of the reasons for this was that it was not possible to jailbreak these devices.

However, the good news is that just in the last week it was announced that a jailbreak is now available for both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, and the smart people at Spyera have been working hard to make sure that they can include iPhone 4S and iPad 2 compatibility to their range of iPhone spy apps.

The following two products are currently compatible with the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2:

Additionally, both these products also support ALL older iPhone and iPad devices that are running iOS from version 2.0 up to the current version (5.0.1 at the time of writing).

That is to say that if you purchase a copy of Spyera SPYPhone Basic Edition or Spyera SPYPhone Multimedia Edition, it will run on ANY jailbroken iPhone or iPad, running any OS version from the last three years (v2.0 and greater).

Both Basic Edition and Multimedia Edition have the following features:

  • Logging of all calls
  • Read all SMS messages
  • Read all email messages
  • Track the device’s location
  • See the device’s Address Book
  • Unlimited device changes – if the user gets a new phone, you can simply move the software to the new phone

The Multimedia Edition adds the following features:

  • Watch photos as they are taken
  • See the web history of the device’s browser
  • Capture all chat within the popular WhatsApp application
  • See which apps are used on the device
  • The software updates itself – once installed, it will always keep itself up to date
Prices for the Basic Edition are: $169 for 3 months, $199 for 6 months, or $259 for the full year.

Prices for the Multimedia Edition are: $199 for 3 months, $289 for 6 months, or $349 for the full year.

So do not delay – go to our BUY NOW page and buy a copy today!

Mobile Spy’s new LIVE Control Panel

Mobile Spy has a new feature: the LIVE Control Panel.

This software runs on top of Mobile Spy, and can either be bought as an add-on to Mobile Spy – or can be bought at a discount when buying Mobile Spy itself.

What the LIVE Control Panel does is shows you LIVE what is on the phone’s screen. This means that you can read all messages being sent/read in all applications, read web mail (e.g. Hotmail/Yahoo mail) live, and all while it’s happening on the phone.

Mobile Spy costs $99.97 for a 12-month subscription, and the LIVE Control Panel normally costs $39.97 for a 12-month subscription, but if you buy the two together, it will only cost $129.97! This is a saving of $9.97 for the year.

Of course you get all the great features of Mobile Spy, but additionally, you get to see the screen of the phone … while it is in use!

If you need to know what is going on, you should seriously consider the Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel. Don’t delay – BUY NOW.

Spyera SPYPhone Multimedia Edition

The latest edition of Spyera SPYPhone is called Multimedia Edition.

This version supports only the iPhone and iPad, and in fact is the only serious spy software for the iPad.

This edition of Spyera SPYPhone allows you to track the following:

  • All phone calls made or received (iPhone only)
  • All SMS messages sent or received (iPhone only)
  • Geographic location using the device’s internal GPS receiver (note: WiFi-only iPads do not have a GPS receiver)
  • See which apps are used on the device
  • See the web history of the device – which web pages were visited
  • See all photos taken by the device, even if they are later deleted by the user
  • Remotely control the program by SMS – even remotely uninstall! (iPhone only)
  • COMING SOON – Messenger logs from WhatsApp
  • Supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the original iPad (iPad 1)
  • Supports iOS versions up to 4.2.1

Spyera SPYPhone Multimedia Edition is available for 3 months, 6 months or a full year.

A three-month subscription costs $199, a six-month subscription costs $289, and a one-year subscription costs $349.

As usual, you can change device as often as you like for the duration of your subscription. Also, the software will update itself to make sure the device always has the latest version.

iPhone Spy Stick

iPhone Spy Stick

The iPhone Spy Stick is a combination of a flash drive containing software to perform a forensic analysis of the data on an iPhone, and a special cable to allow the software to pull all the data off the phone.

In order to be able to use the software, you will need a computer running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 2003 Server or Windows 7.

To use the iPhone Spy Stick, you first connect its flash drive to the computer, and install the software onto the PC. Once this is done, start the program and connect the iPhone to the computer using the special cable (provided). Tell the software you want to analyse the iPhone, and wait (approximately 15 minutes) while it downloads all the data from the iPhone.

After the download process is completed, the phone can be disconnected. From then on, you can recover and view:

  • Text messages and deleted text messages
  • Contacts, including deleted Contacts
  • Call History (even if the call history has been deleted)
  • Photos (including deleted photos)
  • Dynamic Text Data (these are the words that are saved while you are typing, and the phone ‘learns’ a new spelling. Something like a person’s name or the name of a restaurant, district etc. can help you catch a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife)
  • Voice memos (even after they have been deleted)
  • Internet history (even if it has been cleared)
  • Map history (see where the user has searched within maps, by name or address, and you can see exactly where the location because it saves the GPS coordinates)
  • Calendar reminders and appointments (even after they have been deleted)
  • Phone properties

Of course, you can only read deleted content if the storage where the items were stored are not now being used for something else – what this means is that if the phone is full of videos, apps and music, and only has a small amount of storage (for example an 8GB phone which is full of music), then there is a lower chance that you will find much useful deleted content. But a larger phone (say, a 16GB or 32GB phone, with not much music and not many videos stored on it)  is more likely to provide you with a wealth of deleted data.

Previous versions of the software on the iPhone Spy Stick only supported iPhones running iOS up to 3.1.2, but this limitation has now been removed, allowing the software to run on iPhones running iOS version 4.x, including the latest iPhone 4 models.

The full price of this forensics kit for iPhones is $350, but it is now available for the sale price of $199. Do not delay – buy one today!

Spybubble – now available for iPhone

After a long wait, Spybubble is now available for the iPhone!

All iPhone models are supported, from the original iPhone to the iPhone 4. Similarly, all iOS versions 2.x, 3.x and 4.x are supported.

If you have been waiting for an iPhone version of this excellent software, you need wait no more! No matter which version of iPhone you have and which version of iOS it has, Spybubble supports them all!

For a low one-off cost of $59.95, you could be running Spybubble on your iPhone in a few minutes … so don’t delay, BUY NOW!!

Also, you can compare prices with all iPhone spy apps, on our BUY NOW page.

Mobile Spy Updated for iPhone 4

It was announced today that Mobile Spy has now been updated so it is compatible with the iPhone 4.

This is excellent news, as it means that even users of the latest iPhone 4 can now have Mobile Spy installed; you can give one to your loved one, or to your children – and be completely secure in your knowledge that you don’t need to worry about where they are or what they are doing while they are not with you.

With Mobile Spy you can do the following:

  • Keep a log of the phone’s position
  • Read all SMS messages that are sent/received
  • See all email activity (both sent and received)
  • See a log of all calls made/received
  • See all contacts on the phone, and get notifications when new contacts are added
  • View a log of all URLs visited by the phone’s browser
  • See all photos and videos that are taken with the phone’s camera

These features are available on ALL iPhone models, including the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. (Note: Original iPhone did not have a GPS receiver, so cell-towers will be used for location information. Also, the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G do not include a video camera.)

Mobile Spy Prices are as follows:

  • Mobile Spy 3 months – $49.97
  • Mobile Spy 6 months – $69.97
  • Mobile Spy 1 full year – $99.97

And as usual, when purchasing Mobile Spy for one year, you get a FREE copy of the excellent SniperSpy PC spy package (usual cost $79.97). Monitor what is going on with a PC, as well as your iPhone!

So don’t delay – buy a copy of Mobile Spy now!

Comparison: Top-end versus Budget Software

Lets imagine that you are in the market for an iPhone spy app. You have weighed up the pros and cons, and decided that you are definitely in the market for a good reliable spyphone package. So which one to get?

As usual in life, it’s not quite as straightforward as you first thought! There are three types of good spy app currently available for the iPhone: Mobile Spy, Flexispy and Spyera SPYPhone., and they is a wide range of versions, as well as a wide range of prices! Of course, if budget is something you don’t have to worry about, it would be easy: you would buy the best one out there: Spyera SPYPhone Gold Edition.

Returning to the real world, however – we always consider how much something costs when we make a purchase, and we like to make sure that we get value for our money. So lets compare a budget package with a top-of-the-range package, and see how the two fare against each other.

  1. The budget package we have chosen is Mobile Spy, which is simple and straightforward in its available versions: there is a single version of this software.
  2. The high-end package we have chosen to compare, is Spyera SPYPhone Gold.

Price Difference

Since we are comparing budget vs. high end, lets cover the difference in cost first. Both packages are available for 3-months at a time, or a full year.

3 Months:

  • Spyera SPYPhone Gold edition: $307.00
  • Mobile Spy: $49.97

6 months:

  • Spyera SPYPhone Gold edition: $389.00
  • Mobile Spy: $69.97

1 year:

  • Spyera SPYPhone Gold edition: $499.00
  • Mobile Spy: $99.97 (Note that a year’s subscription of Mobile Spy also comes with a FREE copy of the excellent Sniper Spy software, which allows you to monitor a PC.)


  • For a one-off payment of $499.00, you can purchase a copy of Spyera SPYPhone Gold SMS edition. This is a lifetime purchase and uses SMS messages to inform you of events that take place on the phone, instead of sending them to the internet.

Basic Features

So how do the packages fare when compared on their basic features?

Basic features that we expect from an iPhone spy app, are the following:

  • Keep a log of all calls, incoming and outgoing.
  • Log all incoming and outgoing SMS messages along with their content.
  • Log the location of the target phone, using GPS where available – and the cell-tower of GPS is unavailable (switched off, no signal, or the phone is indoors or underground).
  • Log all email messages sent/received, along with all content.

As you would expect, Spyera SPYPhone Gold has all these features, and more. More surprisingly perhaps, is that Mobile Spy also has every one of these basic features.

Additional features

Of course, having established that Mobile Spy is very capable when it comes to the basic features, what advanced features does Spyera SPYPhone Gold have that Mobile Spy does not?

  • Control the software remotely: by sending ‘hidden’ SMS messages to the phone, you can enable and disable software features at any time.
  • Remote uninstall: if you ever need to uninstall the software remotely, you can send it an SMS message, and it will remove every trace of itself.
  • Powerful search on the Spyera server: when you log into your account on Spyera’s server, you can search for any detail (note: Not available on the SMS edition).
  • Download reports in CSV, RTF and PDF formats: You can download reports from Spyera’s server, and then choose whether or not to delete all records from the server afterwards – for the utmost in security.
  • SMS edition only needs a connection to the internet while it is being installed or updated.
  • Listen to the phone’s surroundings: If you want to hear what is going on around the phone, and use it as a listening device (“bug”), you can make a spy-call to the phone, and listen for as long as you like (regular call charges apply).
  • Intercept phone calls: when a call is made/received, the software will send you a message, and you then make an intercept-call to the phone (normal call charges apply), to be silently added to the call – you can then listen in. You can set the software to inform you when any call is made or you can provide it with a list of numbers, and it will only inform you if there is a call made with a number on the list.
  • SIM-card Change alert: if the phone’s SIM card is changed, it will inform you of the phone’s new number. This means you can continue to make spy-calls and intercept-calls, as well as continue to control the software remotely by SMS. NOTE: this is also extremely useful if the phone is ever stolen!
  • Assistance and support during every stage of installation, including jailbreaking the phone.


So … we have shown that if you only need the basic features in our list above, then either package will fulfill your needs. However, we have also shown that the Spyera software has some extremely advanced features that certainly justify the additional cost: Imagine being informed every time a call is made, and being able to sit in and listen to the call instead of guessing what it was about! Or having seen where the phone is from the GPS log, wondering what is happening around the phone – and calling in to listen to its surroundings! Powerful features indeed.

At the end of the day, the package you choose depends on a number of factors: How much the software costs, how easy it is to install, which features you need. If you need the ability to listen to the phone’s surroundings – or if you need to know the phone number of the ‘other’ SIM card that sometimes gets put in the phone – then you need the Spyera SPYPhone Gold features. But if you just need a log of all calls, and the phone’s location then either package could suffice.

The important thing is not to get confused by the multitude versions of software out there, and to choose the best package that suits your circumstances. And to make sure you get a package as soon as you feel the need!

Remember: the longer you sit there wondering what is going on, the worse it will be in the end. Pick a package that does what you need, and buy one today!

Whatever you decide: Mobile Spy or Spyera SPYPhone Gold Internet edition (or even the SMS edition) – they will all help you find THE TRUTH, and put your life back on its tracks.


Installing an iPhone Spy App (update – jailbreaking declared LEGAL)

As we all know from earlier posts, the first step to installing an iPhone Spy App is to jailbreak the iPhone, to allow the spy app to ‘watch’ how the phone is being used, and report this to the spy app’s servers.

There has always been a cloud of mystery surrounding ‘jailbreaking’, and the first reason for this is that Apple have said right from the start that jailbreaking an iPhone is first of all illegal, and secondly might render the phone unusable.

The subject of legality has always put some people off – they don’t want to land themselves in trouble for simply trying out their phone to see what it can REALLY do.

The second worry is that by jailbreaking an iPhone, you could render it inoperable – in simple terms you could ‘brick’ it. And this problem is compounded by the fact that if you bricked your phone, you might be afraid to return it for repair, in case it was discovered that you had attempted to illegally jailbreak your phone.

Well, the first of these worries has been lifted!

Jailbreaking declared LEGAL

At the beginning of 2009, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) asked US regulators to add ‘jailbreaking’ to a list of specific exemptions to the United States’ DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). This was because the EFF felt that if you buy a piece of hardware, you should be able to do with it as you please.

At the end of July 2010, the US Librarian of Congress and Copyright Office announced that it is now completely legal to jailbreak an iPhone.

This also means that if you accidentally ‘bricked’ your iPhone, you need not worry about taking it for repair, since you were NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG.

Apple say that by jailbreaking an iPhone you may invalidate its warranty, but if your phone needs to be repaired, you can simply ‘un-jailbreak’ it.

NOTE: If you jailbreak an iPhone, and you wish to return it to its ‘normal’ non-jailbroken state, you can simply ‘Restore’ it from within iTunes. As long as you have a recent backup (right-click on the phone in iTunes, and select ‘Back Up’), you will not lose any settings or any data either.

If you are the owner of an iPhone, and you jailbreak it so you can install an iPhone Spy App on the phone, you are not breaking the law.

So what are you waiting for? Find the iPhone Spy App that has the features you need – we have them all described in detail on our site! Then take a look at our BUY NOW page and get that app now!!

Don’t delay – BUY THAT APP TODAY!